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Toko Thermal Bag Information


The Toko Thermal Bag is a professionally made hot box that is designed to soak more wax into your skis faster. No more heating in ten or more layers of soft wax when prepping your new or stone-ground skis.  Let us save you hours of waxing and get even more wax into your skis.  This will make your skis faster and each future wax job last longer.  For those really cold days there is no better way to get more hard wax into your ski. More hard wax in your ski makes your ski glide faster.

The best part? It is affordable.


The Advantages of the THERMO BAG:

  • a novel ski preparation method for Alpine and Nordic skis and snowboards
  • saves time and effort
  • better wax penetration into the base
  • increases the ability of the base to absorb wax
  • controlled temperatures protect the ski and snowboard base
  • raises the gliding speed of the ski
  • professional racing preparation for skis and snowboards

What is the THERMO BAG ?

This transportable THERMO BAG is the fruit of years of intensive research and development work. The device - that looks like an outsize ski bag - conceals some sophisticated technology. Quickly assembled, the THERMO BAG is then ready to prepare cross-country skis, alpine skis and snowboards. The THERMO BAG consists of an overlapping ski bag system with integrated heating apparatus fitted with an infinitely variable temperature adjustment and temperature monitoring device.

How do we use the THERMO BAG at Riverbrook ?

Riverbrook Bike and Ski offers the most experienced staff in the area, providing ski stone grinding and thermal bag treatments and waxing packages.  We have been doing this for many years, with race results to prove our approach..

We inspect and prep your skis first, typically applying a layer of soft wax to maximize penetration and protect the ski. The soft wax will also help cold waxes penetrate better and last longer. Next we a do a layer of cold wax in the Thermal Bag to get it in deeper, improving durability and breakaway speed.  Your skis will be returned to you with the wax on them for protection, and will need final scraping and brushing before you ski..

Results of investigation with the THERMO BAG treatment

To determine how much wax is present in the base, similar bases are waxed in different ways. The ski base is then scraped down in very thin layers (0.015 mm) and the individual layers are examined using thermo analysis, making it possible to determine the portion of wax in the individual layers with great accuracy. These examinations have shown that the THERMO BAG can have a great influence on the depth of penetration and on the amount of wax taken up. Two simple diagrams serve to illustrate the positive effect of THERMO BAG treatment on wax uptake.

Diagram 1 shows two bases waxed in different ways. In the case of base 1, the hot wax device was drawn over the base at a speed of 3 mm/s, twice this speed being used for base 2 (6 mm/s).
The temperature was 130 °C.

Diagram 1 wax temperature T = 130 °C

This shows clearly that the amount of wax penetrating the base is proportional to the heat treatment time. It also shows that the wax penetrates to a far deeper level.


Diagram 2 shows how the base performs when it has been tempered in the THERMO BAG at 60 °C for a further 3 hours.

Diagram 2 wax temperature T = 130 °C (with subseq. tempering)