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Classic Bindings

Rottefella Move Race Kit
MOVE ™ Race is for you who think slopes, plains, descents and seconds and where the ski trip is about measuring yourself, both against others and your own achievements. With MOVE ™ Race you get instant glide and maximum grip. When tilting the MOVE ™ Race the lever forwards, move the center of gravity backwards by 30 mm. Three small centimeters that make up a whole world of difference . Compatible with RMP mounting plate. The video below is not "Race Kit" specific, but is a great example of how the Move Systems function and improve your classic experience.
Rottefella MOVE Switch Kit
$135.99 - $139.99
There are few things that ruin more for a nice ski trip than slippery skis and poor glide, even a perfect day can be below average if the equipment does not play on teams. With MOVE ™ Switch it is easy to do something about this. Four different adjusters provide good grip on the up hills and good glide down. With the MOVE ™ Switch you can enjoy the nature experience without sacrificing the equipment for a thought. Red - Compatible with NIS 2.0 & 3.0 mounting plate Pink - Compatible with NIS 1.0 mounting plate Blue - Compatible with Rottefella mounting plate Green - Compatible with IFP* mounting plate
Rottefella MOVE Switch | NIS 2.0 (without binding)
This converts an NIS 2.0 plate into a Move compatible system. Does not include a binding which either needs to be an Xcelerator 2.0 or an Xcelerator Pro.
Rottefella Xcelerator Skate Spacer for NIS
$27.99 $39.99 30% Off
Rottefella Xcelerator Skate spacer is an accessory for your Rottefella Xcelerator Skate bindings that lower the heel closer to the skis and thereby makes an angle that optimizes the position of the feet for skate cross-country skiing. The power transfer is optimized and you can optimize your training and races. Must be mounted on NIS mounting plates and thereafter you can mount your Rottefella Skate Xcelerator bindings on top.
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