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Riverbrook Bike & Ski Shop in Hayward, Wisconsin has the Professional People, Training & Tools to keep your bike and ski gear in tip-top shape! Whether you're prepping for the Birkie or looking forward to biking next spring, now is a great time to schedule your service appointment.

Hayward, WI Bicycle Repair ServicesHayward, WI XC Ski Services

Due to the virus, bikes have been in short supply. We are unable to rent bikes at this time. We have high hopes of getting back to our regular rental services in 2022. Hope to see you out on the trails soon!

Your safety and comfort is important to us!

Parking is available behind our building accessed by the alley off highway 63 before Main Street in Hayward, WI. We have a generous parking lot in back to use. We are more than happy to do business outside for your safety if you feel more comfortable with that. We will call you when the repair is complete and ready for pickup. 

Thank you, and be well! 

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CAMBA Member Discounts Available

Hayward, Wisconsin Women's XC Ski Clinic

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It's time to gear up and hit the Hayward, WI area bike and XC ski trails! Shop our convenient ONLINE CATALOGS for all your biking & skiing needs.