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Wax Tools

Toko T18 Digital Racing Iron 110V/850W
The 15mm thick base plate guarantees a constant temperature. The temperature of the wax iron is regulated and monitored by a micro processor. Heating zone from 90-180 degrees. In the rear area, the plate of the T18 is bent to simplify the application of JetStream 2.0. The front plate is flat to apply the gliding waxes evenly. The wax iron is especially suited for the handling of temperature-sensitive special and racing waxes.
Toko Scraper Sharpener World Cup Pro 110v
Electronic precision tool for sharpening and planing Plexiscraper blades. Fits 3, 4, and 5mm scrapers.
Toko T14 Digital Wax Iron 120V/1200W
Powerful digital waxing device for professional use. The ergonomic design enables waxing in all directions. Infinite temperature adjustment from 212 °F to 320 °F, the inbuilt microprocessor controls temperature fluctuations. The extrastrong aluminum pressure cast plate for ideal heat storage has a curved rhomboid structure that improves the distribution of the wax and compression.
Toko Brass Rotobrush
- For optimal base cleaning prior to waxing. - Rotation rate max. 800 rpm. - Use the Single Axle with cover.
Toko T8 Wax Iron 800w
Ergonomic Wax Iron enables easy waxing in all directions. Precise temperature adjustment from 100 °C to 160 °C. The extra-strong aluminum pressure cast plate for ideal heat storage has a curved rhomboid structure that improves the distribution of the wax and compression.
Swix Steel Base Brush
First brush AFTER waxing. Medium, steel bristles are angled to reduce abrasion on ski base. Excellent addition to brush quiver if bronze brush is not enough for your first brush Rectangular Hand Brushes are great for travel and as an economical way to build a selection of ski tuning brushes Always wear safety tuning gloves while brushing out ski bases to protect your hands from sharp edges Specs: Red Body/Stainless Steel Bristles with Black Nylon Border Rectangular Hand Brush: 3 x 5 inches: 10 mm length (0.2 mm diameter) Bristles
Holmenkol Nordic Groove Scraper
A metal groove scraper with two sizings (diameters): one for Rossi grooves and another for normal reasonably-sized grooves. This groove scraper will not wear out after heavy use and very rarely slips from the groove by accident. This saves you many accidental scratches on your skis over the course of the season
Toko Copper Base Brush
Today’s cutting edge metal brush, the Toko Copper Brush refreshes a ski base, removes wax, and cleans. The Toko Copper Brush does all of this without damaging the ski base in any way. The Copper Brush should be used before waxing to refresh (or open) the base as well as clean it. This brush should also be used to brush out hard, cold weather waxes such as Blue.
Toko Horsehair Base Brush
The Toko Horsehair Brush Bristles are quite fine, about 1/4 to 1/5 the size of a standard Nylon bristle (or the same size as the polishing brush bristles). At the same time, they are quite stiff and aggressive. These stiff, fine bristles make the Toko Horsehair Brush work well for removal of hard, cold weather waxes.
Toko Stiff Nylon Base Brush
The Toko White Nylon Brush is a high-quality all around brush for revealing the structure of freshly waxed bases.
Swix Stiff Nylon Base Brush
The nylon brush is an all round brush for alpine or nordic ski wax tuning. The bronze brush is designed to be the first brush used after scraping.
START Natural Cork With Fleece
Natural cork with fleece Great liquid wax tool!
Toko Plasto Cork
Synthetic cork for corking Grip and Klister waxes.
Toko Plexi Blade Scraper 5mm
Plexi blade for removing excess wax. The short side is tapered at a 45° angle to allow easy removal of klister and GripWax. Stiff.
Toko Wax Cork (Natural)
Natural cork for corking Grip and Klister waxes and JetStream.
Toko Plexi Blade Scraper 3mm
The Toko Plexi Blade Wax Scraper is a high-quality acrylic blade for cleaning your bases and scraping wax. Toko gave it a sharp edge that easily removes wax without damaging your bases like metal scrapers can.
Toko Nordic Groove Pin
For clean removal of wax residue from grooves on ski base.
Toko Multi-Purpose Scraper
Practical plastic tool for removing wax residue in grooves on edges and sidewalls. The edge can be used to remove klister.
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