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Toko T18 Digital Racing Iron 110V/850W
The 15mm thick base plate guarantees a constant temperature. The temperature of the wax iron is regulated and monitored by a micro processor. Heating zone from 90-180 degrees. In the rear area, the plate of the T18 is bent to simplify the application of JetStream 2.0. The front plate is flat to apply the gliding waxes evenly. The wax iron is especially suited for the handling of temperature-sensitive special and racing waxes.
Toko Scraper Sharpener World Cup Pro 110v
Electronic precision tool for sharpening and planing Plexiscraper blades. Fits 3, 4, and 5mm scrapers.
Toko T14 Digital Wax Iron 120V/1200W
Powerful digital waxing device for professional use. The ergonomic design enables waxing in all directions. Infinite temperature adjustment from 212 °F to 320 °F, the inbuilt microprocessor controls temperature fluctuations. The extrastrong aluminum pressure cast plate for ideal heat storage has a curved rhomboid structure that improves the distribution of the wax and compression.
Toko Brass Rotobrush
- For optimal base cleaning prior to waxing. - Rotation rate max. 800 rpm. - Use the Single Axle with cover.
Toko HelX Liquid 2.0 Yellow Glide Wax
Liquid 100 % RACING WAX TECHNOLOGY Top Finish to spray on for an optimum acceleration and a higher final speed. Snow temperature: 0 °C — -4 °C / 32 °F — 25 °F Air temperature: +10 °C — -4 °C / 50 °F — 25 °F Humidity: 80 % — 100 % 50 ml / 1.69 fl oz Application and properties: -Suited for all types of snow regarding the physical meteodata like snow temperature and humidity -Remarkable acceleration, higher final speed -Improved long-term performance thanks to high abrasion-resistance -Simple and fast use: smooth spraying, short drying time -Innovative spraying-system, applicable in all directions
Toko High Performance liquid Glide Wax
High performance spray on wax suited to meet the highest demands of racing. Best if applied over a hard paraffin such as LF Blue. Can be covered with JetStream or HelX or skied on as is. This is a high performance HF wax, not a pure fluorocarbon. Blue: for snow temperatures 18F-22F 0-60% humidity. Red: for snow temperatures 28F-11F 40-80% humidity. Yellow: for snow temperatures 32F-25F 80-100% humidity
HF6 Blue Temperature range from -4°C to -12°C (25°F to 10°F). A liquid spray-on racing wax that can be used alone, or as an underlayer for powders and top coats. Especially developed for colder conditions, down to minus 12°C (10°F). Below this point liquids are normally outperformed by traditional paraffin waxes. HF06XL is a versatile wax that works in all snow conditions, but is at its best when the humidity is high. HF7 Violet Temperature range from -2°C to -7°C (28°F to 19°F). A liquid spray-on racing wax that can be used alone, or as an underlayer for powders and top coats. Performs at its best when typical winter conditions below the freezing point. Can handle various snow conditions and are not humidity sensitive. A safe choice that rarely underperform within its core area of use. HF8 Red Temperature range from -4°C to +4°C (25°F to 39°F). A liquid spray-on racing wax that can be used alone, or as an underlayer for powders and top coats. Extremely versatile wax on both sides of the freezing point with exceptional feedback from racing. It performs in older snow below freezing, new falling snow above and everything between. Basically a must have in conditions you will meet often.
START HF XT High Flour Gel Finisher
Start HFXT gel finishers are perfect step up for athletes who want uncompromising results. HFXT delivers better and long-lasting glide with an environmentally friendly profile.
Vauhti PURE PRO Liquid Glide Wax 80ml
PURE PRO liquid glide waxes are based on the ingredients used in racing paraffin series and totally new additives, which give excellence performance and good durability to the product. PURE PRO liquid glide waxes have been developed especially for natural snow and fine grained snow. With high-quality solvents liquid waxes absorb effectively into the base and retains the performance of the ski base longer than hot melted paraffins. On its best when used on top of liquid base wax or traditional paraffin waxes. After wax has dry completely brush througly first with nylon brush, then with brass brush and again with nylon brush.
Red Creek Rotobrush - Hooded Shaft Handle 100mm
Toko / Red Creek Ski RotoBrush 100 mm Axle with Handle and Safety Shield/Hood Rotobrush control handle with built-in shield. _For 100 mm roto brushes. -Hexagon shaft rolls smoothly on sealed bearings. -Compatible with all SKS, Swix and Toko 100 mm rotobrushes. -When removing wax with brushes, brush tip to tail, -blowing/brushing the wax towards the tail. - Axle is not detachable. That feature is only available in the Swix model. -Toko Single Axle 100mm is made to cover brushes and includes a handle for easy use. A great addition to your ski shop, this single axle will help with the waxing and tuning process all winter long. -Specs:Axle with cover For 100mm brushes
Vauhti PURE UP Liquid Glide Wax
$49.99 - $59.99
PURE UP liquid glide waxes are intended specifically for active skiers and competitive skiers for training rounds. High-quality hydrocarbon ingredients, zinc stearate and silicon wax gives excellence performance and good durability to the products in all snow types and weather conditions.
Toko Oval Copper Base Brush
For brushing out and cleaning dirty bases prior to waxing. Also suitable for brushing out after hot waxing. 17 mm (0,67 inch)
Toko Scraper Sharpener World Cup
For sharpening and smoothing plastic scraper blades. For 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm blade widths and 100 mm file.
Toko Cork Rotobrush
Toko 100mm Wide Rotocork Use instead of ironing 100% fluoro powders and soft hydrocarbon waxes. Use very low rpm and light pressure with overlapping strokes. Rotobrushes do not include shaft/handle. Either the Swix or Red Creek shaft/handles will work with these brushes.
Swix Steel Base Brush
First brush AFTER waxing. Medium, steel bristles are angled to reduce abrasion on ski base. Excellent addition to brush quiver if bronze brush is not enough for your first brush Rectangular Hand Brushes are great for travel and as an economical way to build a selection of ski tuning brushes Always wear safety tuning gloves while brushing out ski bases to protect your hands from sharp edges Specs: Red Body/Stainless Steel Bristles with Black Nylon Border Rectangular Hand Brush: 3 x 5 inches: 10 mm length (0.2 mm diameter) Bristles
Holmenkol Nordic Groove Scraper
A metal groove scraper with two sizings (diameters): one for Rossi grooves and another for normal reasonably-sized grooves. This groove scraper will not wear out after heavy use and very rarely slips from the groove by accident. This saves you many accidental scratches on your skis over the course of the season
Toko Base Performance Liquid Glide Wax
Toko 100 ML Liquid Paraffin Wax - All the convenience of liquid application for training and racing. Great for last minute wax changes! Best applied to a freshly waxed, clean ski at room temps. Blue: for snow temperatures 18F-22F 0-60% relative humidity. Red: for snow temperatures 28F-11F 40-80% relative humidity. Yellow: for snow temperatures 32F-25F 80-100% relative humidity.
Vauhti PURE ONE Liquid Glide Wax
$24.99 - $29.99
PURE ONE liquid glide waxes are based on the ingredients used in the racing paraf?ns and high-quality solvents, which give excellence performance and good durability to the product. PURE ONE liquid glide waxes are suitable for all snow conditions. On its best when used on top of liquid base wax.
Swix CH Liquid Wax
The SWIX CH Liquid is an excellent fluor-free alternative, easy to use and extremely durable. These gliders are fully comparable to standard SWIX CH gliders, both in terms of performance and durability. SWIX CH Liquid is develop by our World Cup Racing Service Team, with impressive results.
Toko Horsehair Base Brush
The Toko Horsehair Brush Bristles are quite fine, about 1/4 to 1/5 the size of a standard Nylon bristle (or the same size as the polishing brush bristles). At the same time, they are quite stiff and aggressive. These stiff, fine bristles make the Toko Horsehair Brush work well for removal of hard, cold weather waxes.
Swix Stiff Nylon Base Brush
The nylon brush is an all round brush for alpine or nordic ski wax tuning. The bronze brush is designed to be the first brush used after scraping.
Toko Nordic Klister
Green Base Klister - cold klister and binder Yellow Klister - snow temp 0C- -2C (32F-28F) Red Klister - snow temp -1C- -8C (30F-18F) Blue Klister - snow temp -7C-30C (19F-22F)
An innovative wax remover gel for cleaning the kick zones of classic skis.
Toko Grip Wax
For use in hard wax conditions when classic skiing. Practical packaging: the wax can be twisted out like a deodorant stick enabling the waxer a good grip on the wax and the ability to use all of the product. •Green - BASE/BINDER. Makes what you put on it last longer. it can also be good by itself in some conditions (32F/-22F) •Teal X-Cold - (10F/-22F) •Blue - (20F/-22F) •Red - (32F/14F) •Yellow - (28/32F)
START Natural Cork With Fleece
Natural cork with fleece Great liquid wax tool!
Toko Plasto Cork
Synthetic cork for corking Grip and Klister waxes.
Toko Wax Cork (Natural)
Natural cork for corking Grip and Klister waxes and JetStream.
Toko Plexi Blade Scraper 3mm
The Toko Plexi Blade Wax Scraper is a high-quality acrylic blade for cleaning your bases and scraping wax. Toko gave it a sharp edge that easily removes wax without damaging your bases like metal scrapers can.
Toko Nordic Groove Pin
For clean removal of wax residue from grooves on ski base.
Toko Multi-Purpose Scraper
Practical plastic tool for removing wax residue in grooves on edges and sidewalls. The edge can be used to remove klister.
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