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Cross Country Ski Boots

The Redline Skiathlon boot is built on the same 3D-shaped last as the new Redline Skate boot. The new Integrated Carbon Base and Power Cuff are designed to seamlessly handle the challenges of both skate and classic skiing, providing a platform for a powerful push, an effortless glide, and a comfortable kick. We recommend you try the Redline Skiathlon for marathon races – the increased support will help to prevent fatigue and keep you striding strong all the way to the finish. The brand new RaceWrap low-cut liner construction provides a more contoured and comfortable fit.
Madshus F20 Race Pro Skate
$314.99 - $750.00 $449.99 - $750.00 Up to 30% Off
A more affordable racing alternative to the flagship Redline Skate boot, the Race Pro line contains many of the same features as our top model, and therefore provides a level of performance you’d expect from a racing boot. The integrated power base reduces weight and improves stability and control, while a slightly more voluminous last means that this boot is also a good choice for skiers who find our Redline boot too tight, or who require thicker socks or foot warmers to be comfortable.
Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate Prolink
$599.99 - $749.99 $749.99 Up to 20% Off
Designed for touring enthusiast who love exploring the outdoors, this boot provides great comfort and enough grip when walking. Made entirely of 100% PVC FREE, eco-friendly materials, it features a waterproof zipper and lace cover that protect your feet from the snow, while the anatomical touring fit provides great comfort.
Madshus F19 Redline Skate
$299.99 - $599.99 $599.99 Up to 50% Off
Accelerate your skiing with the highest performance Madshus boot yet, the Redline Skate! The all-new 2019 Redline Skate boot has been re-engineered from the inside out to provide even more stability, power and control. Weighing in at a mere 450g for a size 42, sporting a stiffer Power Cuff, and built on top of a totally new Redline Integrated Carbon Base, you can ski confidently, knowing that nothing is stopping you from achieving your goals.
Madshus F19 Redline Classic
$299.99 - $450.00 $359.99 - $450.00 Up to 33% Off
The Redline Classic boot has been upgraded in 2019 with a focus on improving performance and comfort. The Integrated Carbon Base has been adjusted to provide a performance fit for a wider range of feet. The carbon fiber layup is tuned for a spring-like classic flex in the forefoot, while providing torsional rigidity and heel hold like only a carbon composite can. The Redline Classic features the Memory Heel with thick memory foam to conform and hold even the most difficult-to-fit feet. Weighing in at only 330g, this boot will help you tackle even the most ambitious goals in comfort.
Salomon S/LAB Carbon Classic Prolink
$359.99 - $450.00 $450.00 Up to 20% Off
Experience precision engineered in its purest form with Salomon's highest performing race boot. Built on a lightweight carbon frame with a pre-shaped, moldable 3D liner for unmatched fit.
Salomon S/LAB Classic Prolink
$319.99 - $400.00 $400.00 Up to 20% Off
A high performance race classic boot with a carbon chassis for perfect flex, heel adjustment and dissociated lacing for precise fit and foot hold.
Salomon S/Race Classic Prolink
$297.49 - $349.99 $349.99 Up to 15% Off
Top classic racers demand precise fit and ultimate snow feel. S/Race Classic Prolink delivers both of these, with a Second Skin construction that wraps the boot snugly around the foot and a heel adjustment for on-the-fly fine tuning. A thinner PU under the forefoot provides unmatched feedback from the snow. Compatible with Prolink, NNN, and Turnamic bindings. Flex and Transmission - Dedicated sole provides forefoot flex and great rebound with supple snow feel. Lightweight - Carbon reinforcement and lightweight materials enable all day energy. Heel Hold - Second skin adjustment offers precision and feel that are even more important in classic skiing.
Salomon RS10 Vitane Nocturne Prolink
Designed for women looking for edge grip, stability and long gliding phases. The Energyzer cuff minimizes fatigue while perfectly fitting women’s calf-morphologies. Full power transmission is delivered by the direct connection between cuff and long 3D chassis. A fleece lining and Thinsulate™ make it warm and reflective graphics add a modern touch!
$299.99 - $300.00
Racing-level stability at an attractive price point. The Race Speed Skate boot is packed with performance features often associated with more expensive models. The 180° heel counter and the new race-shaped cuff provide stiffness and stability, while the water-repellent, breathable softshell lace cover protects your feet from the elements. Our Madshus performance outsole provides the final link between boot and ski. These features combine to make the Race Speed boot an exception- al value for both performance and all-day comfort.
Salomon RC Carbon Prolink
$231.99 - $290.00 $290.00 Up to 20% Off
RC Carbon is a World Cup proven classic boot with a slightly wider last, Custom Fit and dissociated lacing system for maximum precision and comfort. Salomon's superlight elite classic race boots have a zippered waterproof lace cover, hinged Energyzer cuff, adjustable heel retention strap, superlight carbon fiber sole, and top buckle. The carbon classic plate delivers excellent power transmission. The adjustable heel strap with a spoiler and adjustment window provides superior, more precise heel hold. Sensift overlap, dissociated quicklace, and a slightly wider foot last make for an outstanding fit.
Stiff where you need it, flexible where you want it: the Race Speed Classic boot flexes with your foot to provide stability, control, and feel – all without sacrificing comfort. The Race Speed Classic features the new 180° classic heel counter for improved stability and superior fit, while the R3 outsole and Lacing fingers system securely holds your foot improving your technique and helping you get more glide out of every stride.
Salomon R/Prolink
$212.50 - $250.00 $250.00 Up to 15% Off
For skiers who know what performance skiing feels like, the R/PROLINK is a training partner that delivers an ideal blend of energy transmission for skating with forefoot flexibility for classic skiing. With a slightly more generous fit, the R/PROLINK makes those daybreak training sessions more rewarding. Versatility - Smart cuff gives you good lateral support and transmission for skating. The flexible sole is ideal for classic. Ankle Support - Smart cuff provides efficient ankle support and lateral transmission. Performance Fit - Sensifit with quicklace wraps precisely around your foot, and allows fast, easy adjustments on the fly, making this wider last comfortable for every foot.
Salomon RC9 Vitane Nocturne Prolink
$239.99 - $240.00
Made for endurance-loving women, this boot combines performance, warmth and a women-specific fit. The heel box rigidity, adjustable heel strap and perfect flex offer easy grip access, the SensiFit™ and fleece Thinsulate™ lining provide precise foot wrapping and warmth, while the Nocturne design reflective details add a modern twist to your boot.
Madshus F20 Endurace Skate
Step into the Endurace Skate for a stable, reliable boot that will keep your feet comfortable all day long. On the outside your feet will stay dry and comfortable thanks to the MemBrain® softshell lace cover, while on the inside the RevoWrap lacing system hugs your foot and maintains even pressure distribution, snugly holding your feet in the correct position to maintain proper technique while skating.
Salomon RC9 Prolink
$182.75 - $215.00 $215.00 Up to 15% Off
Get superior foot hold and fit with the RC9 PROLINK. This performance classic boot features an easy-to-access heel hold adjustment strap and spoiler for precision, and Custom Fit for all day comfort. Compatible with Prolink, NNN, and Turnamic bindings. Precise Heel Hold - An easy to use, adjustable heel strap with spoiler keeps the heel comfortably in place for maximum comfort and efficiency. Perfect Flex - Optimized flex for classic skiing gives great terrain feedback. Warm Comfort Fit - Quicklace makes it easy to adjust the slightly wider last on the fly, ensuring comfort all day. Thinsulate insulation guarantees warmth.
Salomon Escape Outpath
Designed as the perfect boot for exploring your winter surroundings both in and out of track, this boot combines the warmth of a Thinsulate liner with a SensiFit construction that precisely wraps your foot, providing a tailored fit to the touring last. Warm comfort fit The touring last and SensiFit™ system precisely wrap your foot for instant comfort, while the Thinsulate™ lining offers great protection from the cold so you can ski longer. Robustness A special vamp material with high resistance to abrasion ensures durability and protection from the ski edges when needed, making this boot a long-lasting choice. Snow protection The full gaiter construction protects you from the snow and allows you to venture off-track while staying dry and warm.
Salomon Equipe Prolink
$187.00 $220.00 15% Off
For skiers who want a comfortable performance boot that does everything, the Salomon Equipe Prolink ski boot has a supportive cuff and flexible forefoot for skating or classic. Custom fit and Thinsulate ensure all day comfort.
Salomon RC8 Prolink
$149.99 - $175.00 $175.00 Up to 14% Off
RC8 PROLINK will feel like it was made just for you. This performance classic boot features Custom Fit for personalized precision and comfort and Thinsulate for all day warmth. Compatible with Prolink, NNN, and Turnamic bindings. Optimized Classic Flex - The flexible sole of this boot gives great snow feel. Heel Hold - The adjustable heel strap is a quick, easy way to ensure better heel hold for more comfort and improved performance. Warmth and Great Comfort - Quicklace makes it easy to adjust the slightly wider last on the fly, ensuring comfort all day. Thinsulate insulation guarantees warmth.
Salomon S/Race Skiathlon Prolink Jr
S/Race Skiathlon Prolink Jr is a multi-discipline race boot for junior racers. It uses a smart structure heel box and a cuff that provides transmission and enhanced lateral support for skating, combined with a flexible sole for classic. Compatible with Prolink, NNN and Turnamic bindings. Racing Performance - Smart structure heel box and cuff provide excellent lateral support and good power transmission. Junior Race Fit - Sensifit, quicklace and a specific junior foot last for a precise, comfortable fit. Versatility - Skating smart cuff for ankle support combined with a flexible sole for classic.
Salomon Escape 7 Prolink
$136.99 - $160.00 $160.00 Up to 14% Off
The Escape 7 is a recreational, confidence building classic touring boot. It features Salomon's famous fit and has an ergonomic touring cuff for easy use. Add in Thinsulate insulation and you've got an XC ski boot that's ready for hours upon hours of XC skiing adventures.
Salomon R/Combi Prolink Jr
Built for kids who love to ski, the R/Combi Junior boot combines the lateral support needed for skating with the flexible sole classic skiers want for enhanced snow feel. Versatility - Ergonomic touring cuff for ankle support combined with a flexible sole for classic. Ankle Support - Ergonomic touring cuff provides comfortable, efficient lateral support. Comfort - Quicklace adjusts easily with one pull, so you can adjust your fit on the fly. A specific junior foot last offers kids instant comfort.
Salomon Escape Prolink
$106.99 - $129.00 $125.00 - $129.00 Up to 17% Off
For skiers wanting a boot that will last the test of time while providing great comfort and enough grip when walking. The Escape combines an anatomical touring fit and central zip lace cover.
Salomon Vitane Prolink
$125.00 - $129.00
For women wanting a boot that will last the test of time while providing great comfort and enough grip when walking. The Vitane boot combines an anatomical, touring fit and central zip lace cover.
Madshus Nordic Classic
$110.00 - $119.99
The new Nordic boot uses a stable and supportive construction to deliver a secure midfoot and rearfoot hold, and a smooth forefoot flex for hours of classic touring. The MemBrain Soft- shell lace cover complements its quick-lacing eyestays for a secure, comfortable fit with breathability and water-resistance.
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