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Tools & Tuning

Toko Scraper Sharpener World Cup Pro 110v
Electronic precision tool for sharpening and planing Plexiscraper blades. Fits 3, 4, and 5mm scrapers.
Toko Structurite Nordic Kit
The Toko Structurite Nordic Kit includes a structuring tool and three interchangeable rollers, so you can prepare the running surface of your cross-country skis to best suit the snow conditions. Each roller's color corresponds to the type of wax that compliments that roller's structure. For cold conditions and fine snow, lean toward blue wax and the BLUE roller's linear structure. For freezing temperatures and below, steer toward red wax and the RED roller's fine, broken structure. And for warmer conditions and moist snow, yellow wax and the YELLOW roller's aggressive broken structure are your best bet.
Toko Scraper Sharpener World Cup
For sharpening and smoothing plastic scraper blades. For 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm blade widths and 100 mm file.
Toko Structurite Rollers
BLUE - structurite imparts a linear, shallow rill into the base. Helps glide in colder, dryer snow types. RED - roller for Structurite. Universal transverse for lightly transformed snow; ice and fresh powder with moisture present. YELLOW - roller for Toko Structurite. Coarse cross structure for wet snow, spring corn, falling wet snow.
Toko Base Tex Cleaning & Polishing Cloth
Toko Base Tex Fiberlene Ski Wax Cleaning Polishing Cloth -Lint free cloth for wiping waxing iron surface or polishing bases. -Special fleece for base cleaning and general polishing. -Can also be used as a base-friendly fleece when ironing in hot wax. -65.6 ft x 5.9 in; or 20 x 0.15 meters.
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