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Ski Skins

Madshus Endurace Intelligrip Skin Ski
Endurace IntelliGrip is designed to go the distance on epic weekend tours, and the lightweight construction ensures it can still handle fast-paced workouts too. The camber profile creates a responsive ski which will provide consistent, solid grip all day long, even as the body begins to fatigue. The IntelliGrip Integrated skin made of 70% mohair and 30% nylon works in nearly all conditions. This means you no longer need to apply klister or kick wax and can spend more time skiing!
Salomon RC 10 eSkin Ski + PSP
A training ski with racing in its DNA, this skin ski is engineered so you can shift between both worlds with ease. PSP - An Ergonomic Moveable Binding: The PROLINK SHIFT binding is easily shifted backward/forward to improve the performance of your ski.
Madshus Nordic Intelligrip Skin Ski
The Madshus Nordic IntelliGrip is a touring ski designed with beginner and intermediate skiers in mind. Skiing will be easy with a sidecut specifically chosen to improve stability, and you don't even need to worry about kick wax as our mohair and nylon IntelliGrip skin ensures you always have comfortable grip and good glide.
Salomon S/Lab Caron eSkin Ski + PSP
Engineered to amplify both kick and acceleration, this carbon ski takes your racing ambitions to the highest level. An excellent and safe choice on long-distances where snow conditions change, this ski keeps its performance from the start all the way to the finish line. It's the lightest Nordic skin ski Salomon has ever made. In the propulsion phase the low-profile camber enables full pressure on the skin for a subtle snow feel and secure kick. In the glide phase the THIN PLY carbon layer positioned strategically at the back of the ski lifts the camber, releasing the pressure from the skin for instant acceleration. Nomex Ultra-light composite honeycomb core, combined with carbon, fiberglass wrap and thin wood sidewalls. Reduces weight and provides optimum consistency. eSKINGRIP+ 100% MOHAIR skin with equal balance of grip and glide. You can switch it manually if you want to use the eSKINRACE to get into racing mode! Thin Ply Carbon The Thin Ply specific 45° weaving improves the torsion to flex ratio, creating more stability and transmission in skating and more acceleration in classic. Prolink Shift Plate Your ski is delivered premounted with the PSP (PROLINK SHIFT Plate), slide any PROLINK SHIFT binding on. 29 Universal Our latest classic racing concept is designed to amplify kick and acceleration. It offers ideal press adjustment, especially in universal snow conditions. Pre waxed and brushed.
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